• <b> </b> I am alive (in case anyone cared)<p><b></b> And I miss blogging here<p><b></b> I want my fangirl life back<p> :(

Fernando Torres during his A.C. Milan presentation - 02.09.2014 

“It’s an honour to wear the number 9 jersey, I can’t wait to be on the pitch to play. I can’t wait to see the red and black supporters, to score for them and to win many titles”.  

Fernando Torres during his Press Conf with AC Milan - 02.09.2014


Torres’ family on holiday💞


Torres’ family on holiday💞

“This could be the most dramatic story of the season… It’s torres… OAAHHOOOOOOOOH. UN-BE-LIEVABLE. UNBELIEVABLE!”

— Gary Neville’s greatest commentating of his career (via cfcblue)

Thank you Fernando and good luck, El Niño Torres. 

Cutie pie Fernando Torres


[on handling criticism]

There were times, when I was younger, when I genuinely didn’t understand what was happening around me… I felt angry, willing to fight everyone… I was frustrated, thinking it was all very personal. And there are other times, like the one I’m going through at the moment, where I truly couldn’t care any less, and I think that’s because now I can clearly see how it all works, how much of it is “staged”.

I’m officially a medical student. Whoa, it feels so surreal.